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Our Story

Recall the feeling of being part of an amazing team? Perhaps you're currently on one. You experience a strong sense of belonging, being part of something larger than yourself, and feeling supported. Even in the most difficult times, there is an uplifting energy that passes among the team. Everyone is driven and inspired, working towards a shared goal. With a great team, anything is possible.

Cally was founded the reality that the team is the most important driver of a person's experience at work and a company's long-term performance. As founders who have been in industry, we've experienced both amazing teams and not-so-great ones. The not-so-great ones caused us to disengage, lose motivation, and performance suffered. It didn't matter if we were working for the most prestigious company with the best benefits; the team we were on shaped our entire experience.

The beauty is that team dynamics is not a black box and the science of teams has decoded it: it all comes down to connection. We've collaborated with team effectiveness and network science experts at Cornell University to provide you with the science of teams, not in theory, but with your real and tangible data. Data streams like Slack  reveal insights about how we work and where things are broken in just seconds, unlike traditional surveys that rarely uncover root cause issues before it's too late. The combination of your real data and science is all you need to spark change and foster your very best team.

Our mission at Cally is to help every team achieve their greatest work through the power of connection.
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