The Slack plug-in that maps your team's connections

Silos, bottlenecks, and inefficiencies in your company are hiding in plain sight. Cally helps uncover them with network science for Slack

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What you think your company looks like

What it actually looks like

Ready to see your company's living breathing network?

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Turn Communication Data into Insights
Cally creates beautiful network maps from Slack data to help you build an engaged, efficient, and productive team
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Boost employee engagement

Cally shows you who is isolated, overwhelmed, or at risk of leaving before it's too late.

Unblock inefficient communication

Disconnected teams become slow and inefficient. Cally finds bottlenecks in communication flows to help you break down silos, get aligned, and move as one.

Empower managers with data

Know what high performance looks like to coach, help onboard new team members to success, and recognize key employees.

Identify successful onboarding and areas to improve by measuring how well new hires are connecting with others.

How it works

Add to Slack

Just add the Cally Slack app to get started, and your first report will be ready in minutes.

Cally builds the communication network and analysis for your report just using metadata in pubic channels (the who, when, where of messages, not what is said). No messages are ever read or stored.

Get Report and Ask Cally AI

Your network from Slack is combined with decades of research in network science and organizational behavior into an eye-opening and interactive report. Ask Cally's AI anything about your network!

Take action

Cally's reports will give you a blueprint to take action to build a more productive, connected, and high-performing organization.
Need assistance? We'll connect you with experts & coaches.
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