Why Cally?

Your company's culture is key to scaling and growing succesfully, but scaling team communication is often the breaking point - leading to silos, frustration, and unneccessary turnover.

Cally provides voice to employees and opens the door for more open and effective communication. Allowing you to seed a culture by design, and not by default.

Reflect and learn, right in Slack

Cally's chat bot sends out quick pulse questions and provides recommendations in real-time, so everyone has the knowledge and tools needed to build a high-performing culture

See beyond the “org chart” and build networks that work

Your Cally dashboard shows you organizational network analysis that will allow you to answer questions like:

  • Who are the influencers and bridges in the company?
  • Are new hires being integrated and onboarded for success?
  • Where do we have information bottlenecks or silos in the company?

Powerful reports & insights

Understand how changes in your organization impact team success. Easy to use dashboard enables you to explore segments, measure trends, and proactively address issues.

Who can use Cally?


Team mindfulness & coaching, right in Slack. Get best practices to develop as a cohesive team


For leaders with a growth mindset, who want to build a high-performing and inclusive culture.


Strategic insights beyond traditional surveys. Empower teams across the org, and measure the impact of your efforts

What our customers say

“Cally helps us continuously nurture an innovative culture and keep a pulse on how our teams feel. Cally doesn't just bring analytics, but real actionable insights and a passion for helping teams."

- CEO, Burns Group

“I lost touch with how individual team members feel about their connection to the rest of the team. This is an enlightening view into that, and is going to really help the team.”

-CEO, Antithesis

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