Our Team

Maya Carmeli

CEO / Co-founder

Cory Pisano

CTO / Co-founder

Sofia Viola

Research Analyst

Our mission is to help every team create their greatest work

We started Cally after experiencing the pain of being on a bad team ourselves, and combined our backgrounds in team science and data science to help teams at scale.

"Cally" comes from a combination of the words collaboration and catalyst. By providing visibility into team dynamics and guided recommendations, we make how you collaborate the catalyst for your success.

Our champion is an elephant, sometimes seen with an egret on her back. Elephants are highly social creatures that learn from others, as we do on a team. We were inspired by the symbiotic relationship between elephants and other species in the animal kingdom. Teamwork is a collaborative process of harnessing the diversity of each member to create something bigger, better, and more impactful.

Special thanks to our early adopters, advisors, friends, and family for supporting and joining us on this journey. We’re excited to march toward a more collaborative world as Cally, with egrets on our backs and humans by our side.

Our Partners

Here are some of the amazing partners we work with